If your answer is no, you definitely need to get out of your head. Stop thinking and start feeling.
Stop Spending So Much Time In Your Head
Darius Foroux

This is a very important thought. And it kind of made me become a morning person. Getting up early, you are way to tired to think a lot. Sitting in the train (headed to town), I felt the summer sun on my face and realized it was way to hard multitasking (listening to an audiobook while reading some news… WTF, WHAT WAS I THINKING? I remembered this story: https://medium.com/art-of-practicality/how-to-quit-your-multitasking-addiction-2d2edf740649?source=twitterShare-41331fa5bc2d-1471012458). Instead, I just embraced the sun and a relaxing morning. Now, I’m sitting at Starbucks and gettin the caffeine to kick in while reading this great story.

What’s up next, when I’m 100% awake? I go to work and try exactly what’s in this article: Finding answers to unsolved pragmatic questions (not problems).

All of this feels so much better than hating a good Tuesday morning… 👊🏼