Apple’s AirPods are junk, and it’s all Siri’s fault
Owen Williams

I’ve had AirPods for several weeks now and love them. No problems with Siri at this point, but I don’t see Siri as a finished product so I’m less judgmental than Owen. I also know first hand that Alexa and Google Home are first generation products with all of the same issues PLUS what’s the point of bugging your own home?

One unpublished feature I love is that when I’m working on my Mac and wearing one AirPod, I can initiate a call from the Mac and instead of just using my Mac as the Mic/Speaker it recognizes I’ve got an AirPod on and hands it off to that. Seemed like magic the first time it happened since it was exactly what I wanted to happen.

I also find the battery recharge in the case to be terrifically fast, and of course I can use them one at a time when I’m simply talking on the phone and not listening to music.

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