Navigate your Inner Compass

Finding your North daily.

We begin each day, extenuating circumstances aside, on a blank screen.

The alarm, weather, light, temperature, noise, and everything else that hits our perceptive nerves then slowly starts deciding how we are feeling.

But what if, the big what if, we decided to navigate our feelings, emotions for the day based on a positive attribute?

For example, we can decide that today, our inner compass, the guide of how we move about and re-act throughout the day is pointing towards gratitude. Then from wearing your morning slippers, eating breakfast, taking a five minute shower, using public transport and arriving at your destination of choice, the only thing that needs to be common in all those situations is gratitude.

Thank the farmer who grew the organic vegetables and fruits that you’re eating. Be grateful for access to water in the shower. Thank the conductor or pass a generous smile to a fellow passenger on the train/bus. Arrive at work realizing how lucky you are to earn for a living while others are not so fortunate. Be grateful to the person who hired you to begin with. Have you maintained a positive relationship with them throughout this journey?

Then go home, being thankful and greeting everyone based on the direction of your inner compass.

What will the inner compass point to tomorrow? Maybe forgiveness, unconditional love, silence, peace and other wondrous directions!

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