Your PHD / MBA Doesn’t Impress Me
Tim Denning

I was talking to my son last night about the way he was skipping around the soccer field and having fun — he’s 7.
“You see my car [ a Nissan Versa ]? Your sister’s college costs three of those every year — for 4 years. That’s 12 cars. She got a scholarship that pays about 1 car’s worth of money each year — so when she graduates, she’s going to have 8 cars worth of money to pay back for the rest of her life. All while she’s trying to get an actual car of her own.. and maybe a house or apartment and do exciting things like — eat.”

(I didn’t go into the details about how if you default on a student loan, it gets resold to another branch of Fannie May as a “loss” then goes into forced collections and is automatically pulled out of your paycheck because “bitch betta have my money!”)

“By the time you get to college age, that might be 14 or 16 cars. How are you going to pay for that? For the parents of the other kids on that field, they think of this as a process. Get their kids started in Soccer, keep on them, maybe get a scholarship and college only costs them 2 or 3 cars. THAT is how serious this is. So, what are those parent’s going to think when they see you just skipping around instead of running as hard as you can after that ball?”

This speech to a 7-year-old kid who just wants to run around and kick a ball because it’s fun.

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