Millville, New Jersey

I am a graduate of Millville Senior High School where I was active in band and Odyssey of the Mind ( a Gifted and Talented Department program. As a student I also served with teachers and administrators on the School Leadership Council which was charged with planning for and implementing many school improvement projects.

After graduation I earned an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice at our local community college. I worked as a school security officer and as a special officer in my community.

I have always loved flight and airplanes (especially World War II warbirds) and this led me to earn a private pilot license and to take a job at a flight service at Atlantic City International Airport. Here I serviced many kinds of civilian and commercial aircraft and had the opportunity to me many of the celebrities flying in to perform at the A.C. Casinos.

Lately I was offered the opportunity to work with friends at a local landscaping service where I am now a foreman. I don’t mind physical exertion and working locally has saved hours on my old commute.

I am a homeowner and an active member of my church where I sing Bass in the choir. I was, for a number of years a Revolutionary War reenactor and I love history. I recently purchased my own airplane.

Samuel Brozina has worked as a school security officer in his community, a pilot in Atlantic City, and now a foreman for a local landscaping company.

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