Electron is Cancer
Electron is Cancer
Casper Beyer

A kind of effecting “clickbaiting”title, because I clicked on it. You bring nothing new to the discussion. The electron environment never was presented as the ultra fast/optimized/miraculous development solution and if someone expects it, will be very disappointed.

In my opinion the main advantages of the electron are:

  • A very powerful and easy to design interface — you can use one of the most complete design environments which is your browser with all the power of the html5, css transitions, css powerful layouts like flexbox or grid, etc.
  • Easy to develop and learn. Not everyone has technical skills to be productive and develop on a most effective programming language like C++. The JavaScript brings some opportunities to the common developer and behaves like a língua franca in programming
  • Multi platform- it’s hard to develop and maintain an app for the 3 main desktop OS. On a complex and regularly updated app it’s almost impossible to do that without an extensive development team. On electron you can easily compile your app for Linux, macOS or windows, and also for different architectures. I compiled an app for the ARM architecture and it “runs fine” on a raspberry pi — I think that it says a lot about the performance claims on this article
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