VMBS expands its remittance operations to customers of Jamaica

VMBS Money Transfer Services (VMTS) has expanded its remittance operations to Jamaica since July 2017. Customers from Jamaica can now receive their funds at five COK Sodality Credit Union locations across the island.

Jamaicans Can Now Receive Funds at Five Locations

All members and customers of Victoria Mutual who live in the UK, USA, Canada and including over 200 countries are now able to send funds to their close relatives and friends in Jamaica quickly and safely. Residents of Jamaica can conveniently collect their funds at any one of the COK Sodality locations mentioned or deposit their received funds to their individual COK accounts. The COK Sodality locations are found in Kingston, Portmore, Mandeville and Montego Bay.

Improving the Financial Services is Important

According to Peter Reid, the CEO of Building Society Operations at VMBS, it is essential for the company to deliver their services “in the most efficient and customer-centric fashion”. He further adds that “this partnership between Victoria Mutual and COK reflects the improvements [they] continue to make in [their] business process in order to better serve [their] Members and customers, guided by our Strategic Goal of being a Modern Mutual, and our Core Values of being Member Focused and Innovative.”

The senior Vice-President of Victoria Mutual states that the company members are “delighted to have signed an agreement with RIA Financial Services, the third largest money transfer company in the world, and a company that is committed as we are to service excellence. RIA’s presence throughout the key Jamaican sending markets in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, along with their rapidly growing network of more than 100,000 locations in 121 countries, will enable Victoria Mutual to extend its reach to Jamaicans throughout the world”.

Partnering With The Best Sub-agents

On the other hand, the CEO for VMTS, Michael Howard is as excited about this new partnership and project. He highlights how the company members are passionate about not just meeting the needs of its customers, but exceeding their expectations as well. He claims, “We strive to enable our customers to access our network conveniently — in order to meet their financial needs and achieve their full potential. As we continue to expand the VMBS Money transfer services throughout Jamaica, we are committed to ensuring that we partner with the best quality sub-agents to represent the VMBS remittance brand, and we believe that COK Sodality truly exemplifies the values for which we stand.”

Andre Gooden, the Chief Business Development Officer of COK Sodality is enthusiastic about this new partnership and he underlines the strong similarity that lies between both organisations which has led to this collaboration. Since both brands are already renowned in Jamaica and the Diaspora, this partnership is one that is “mutually beneficial” to both of them. He says that “as part of our ongoing strategic initiative to make our services even more widely accessible to our Members, a partnership with VMBS Money Transfer Services will give our overseas members, in particular, yet another method of sending funds to their accounts at COK. We look forward to working with the VM Group as we both seek to build our nation in this our 55th year of Independence.”

Offering An Affordable Service

Juan Bianchi, the president and CEO of RIA Financial Services (the money transfer agent of VMTS) is also pleased with this new agreement with Victoria Mutual. For him, “Victoria Mutual has a tradition of excellence in the consumer financial sector in Jamaica dating over a century. RIA shares that core value and both RIA and Victoria Mutual are committed to providing the most convenient, fast, high quality and affordable services in the money transfer industry.” Victoria Mutual Money Transfer Services Limited is a member of the Victoria Mutual Group, which also includes The Victoria Mutual Building Society, a mutual organization, which has been providing financial solutions for Jamaicans at home and abroad for over 130 years”.

This remittance operation is not only beneficial for the companies and organisations involved. It also represents an increase in the remittance venues for VMTS, where customers can now have access to even faster money transfer services in Jamaica.

VMBS is a Reliable Money Transfer Service

Established by Victoria Mutual Building Society (VMBS), VMBS Money Transfer Services (VMTS) offers to foreigners the possibility to transfer funds to their Jamaicans relatives and friends in a fast and affordable way. Victorial Mutual Money Transfer Services is one of the most direct, secure and convenient way of sending money to your family, friends and relatives. With over 130 years of experience in providing reliable and convenient financial solutions to the people of Jamaica and the Caribbeans, they strongly believe in catering to their members’ diverse needs and running their organisation solely for the benefit of its members. Victoria Mutual Money Transfer offers minimal fees on day-to-day services and attractive rates on savings and loans. As a mutual organisation, members and customers can expect lower loan rates, higher saving rates and affordable FX rates.

Services and Products That Are Available at VMBS

All of their services and products have been carefully planned and designed to meet your individual needs and to provide you with the security you need. Some of their products and services include: savings and deposit accounts, pension fund administration, wealth management, property and real estate lease, general insurance, money transfer, mortgage loans, foreign exchange, term deposit accounts, and many more! Their savings and deposit accounts are available in four currencies, including JMD, USD, CAN and GBP.

Now that VMTS will increase its distribution network and remittance operations up to 74, it is expected that the company’s wide money transfer services will expand as well. This partnership will also allow customers to access to International Inbound Remittances through thirty-four locations across the island.

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VMBS Money Transfer Services (VMTS) has expanded its remittance operations to Jamaica since July 2017. Customers from Jamaica can now receive their funds at five COK Sodality Credit Union locations across the island.

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