Apple doesn’t care about the power users

Brother, I SO hear you.

Apple, since the introduction of the fecikin’ iPhone (yeah, guilty , I gots one, and an iPad too… ) has totally shifted their focus to the hordes that is the consumer market, essentially abandoning the niche professional market.

The new Macbook is kinda fine if your a laptop fan… The TouchBar is kind of a clever bit of kit… thank GOD they didn’t call it Magic friggin’ anything…

From my own Facebook rant: “I am was disappointed that there was no mention of desktop machines at Apple’s event — since I had almost NO expectation there would be anything. The iMac and Mac Mini will most likely see some processor, port, graphics love bumps in the coming year.”

But have a look at this cap from apples “Compare Mac Models” page… what’s missing?

“But I think the Mac Pro, hardly MENTIONED by Apple since it’s redesign in 2013, will continue to slowly fade into the mists. I expect it will be quietly discontinued once it’s well and truly obsolete. There will be some tearful nostalgic notes in the tech press about an “end of an era.” But Apple has pretty clearly moved on from workstations, a market they show little interest in pursuing.”

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