Do We Need to Sue Facebook?
Hank Green

I, as a self-employed Graphic and Web Designer, and many of my small business colleagues, especially those of us who are solo freelancers and consultants, face this exact issue from time to time. We do, as things just happen to, come into occasional conflict with clients and vendors. This particularly grinds with the issue of not getting PAID. When dealing with larger companies, they know we do not have the financial resources for legal recourse or litigation, even when invoices slip past net 30, net 60, net 90, net 270 days…

I read a couple of years ago, that non-payment of contractors, freelancers and consultants were a growing response to the tightness of credit following the 2008 crash. Accounts payable treated as interest-free unsecured business loans. With vendors and freelancers unwilling to burn those relationships, or without the resources to mount legal challenges.

In the case of (we wish!) creators vs Facebook, a class-action suit would be the only even remotely feasible option, given a firm willing to take it on. Unfortunately, without such a challenge, Facebook, being a 20,000-Kilo Kaiju, has little to fear from the likes of us.

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