Dear Art Teachers, Quit Hating Anime/Manga Art (Seriously)

And also, quit forcing everyone to draw from observation … or force them that figure drawing is important

Disclaimer: I’m not trying to “hate-hate” anime or manga, but I do hate pin-ups and NSFW art.

Christopher Hart.

We do have a number of Christopher Hart’s how-to-draw books (most likely manga). Every artist have their own style when they list the anime and manga they grew up with (including video games and cartoons). It’s all based on their style and expression.

You need to stop forcing them to draw nudes, too, because, the internet won’t allow any kind of NSFW content or lewd content, as Medium won’t allow any kind of pornographic images or videos on the platform according to its rules. Tumblr, Blogger, Behance, and other art and blog sites will ask them to flag their content as NSFW if they regularly post NSFW content.

Nobody’s going to draw some MLP crap or FNaF crap. Stop this and get the point. Do not force them to teach them modern art. There’s always anatomy of his how-to-draw books.

Figure (or life) drawings of nude models? Flagged/reported.

What about pin-ups? Flagged.

Manga is art

Yes. Manga is art (that includes anime, too!). Have they been reading Dragon Ball or Fairy Tail? We’ve all watched Dragon Ball Z on Toonami (prior to late 2008), Digimon and Mon Colle Knights on Fox Kids, Pokémon (and Cardcaptors) on Kids WB (later Cartoon Network, but CN stated that they will not be airing Pokémon after the end of November 2016). Stop tossing negative criticism. STOP IT.

If you see any inappropriate content involving and/or depicting minors on Tumblr, report them to the Trust and Safety team right away. Tumblr will then report the blogger who is caught viewing, possessing or distributing child porn to the FBI and the INTERPOL. We often fear that people who sexualize everybody’s favorite characters are always a no-no and we often feared that people who create animated cartoons would be fired — or have the characters get retired as a result, since Esurance retired the Erin Esurance character in 2010 following pornographic images.