DeviantArt Policy & Staff Corruption, RemovalGate, FetishGate and BanGate

Why DeviantArt is filled with fetishes, MLP shindig, child pornography, and FNaF shindig

It’s over for the artists on DeviantArt. No exaggeration. DeviantArt originally was a great online art community to show your artwork, poetry, application skins, and other shindig. But now it is filled with fetishes (feet tickling, shoe losses, foot fetishes), pornography (including child porn, that includes exaggerated private parts), MLP shindig, FNaF shindig, and corrupt DeviantArt staff and administrators who doesn’t care about almost anything.

Over time, the DeviantArt staff can and will remove or relocate your “deviations” for copyright infringement and other violations including underage pornography and can also suspend or permanently ban your DeviantArt account for any reason — no exceptions.

If you’re a independent artist, DeviantArt doesn’t want you

Milo Yiannopoulos.

The DeviantArt staff and its volunteers have been acting like the former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos (as pictured) or the US president Donald Trump. Quite simply, they won’t allow anyone to resubmit their “deviations” once they get removed by the staff, which can lead to a permanent ban if they were caught resubmitting. There’s also petitions on and have the FBI and the INTERPOL to have the CEO of DeviantArt including its volunteers go to prison for 24 months for corruption of the online art community and have the site be temporarily seized for investigation.

If you’re going to contact the DeviantArt “help desk”, don’t do it. There are alternatives to DeviantArt if you do not want to become the victim of having your art removed or being banned from DeviantArt. Why? The Bahamian nerfherder (his real name can be seen in the screenshots as shown below) needs to go jump in the lake or go watch some Yo-kai Watch and get inspirited by Yo-kai, because he needs to speak proper English or live in the States as the site is a US-based company.

He needs to be incarcerated for 24 months. He resides in the Bahamas. Despite going by the name of “Ikue” on DeviantArt, the real Pikachu VA (Ikue Ootani) needs to start suing him and DeviantArt for ‘name conflicts’ and libel. Seriously.

This is what he will say in an excerpt:

Volunteers do not have the authority or privileges to to handle “art theft” cases.

… as he is very unfriendly and DA needs a team of friendlier staff who resides in the USA and a friendlier CEO who cares about Wikipedia and also resides in the USA where most of the Medium staff live, including Google, Behance, Apple Inc., Tumblr, Squarespace, Automattic, Instagram, Patreon, and Facebook (myself included). Another DA staffer who goes by the name of can be seen below in the screenshot:

This DeviantArt “copyright staffer” is a complete nerfherder and needs to go to prison for 24 months.

This is what he will say in an excerpt:

Unfortunately before we can proceed on a complaint of this nature we prefer to first receive a DMCA copyright infringement notice from the actual copyright owner or their legal representative.

Quite simply, DeviantArt doesn’t want any of its users resubmitting their “deviations” after they got removed by the staff. More specifically, there are the things that DeviantArt won’t support.

  • The underage characters depicted in a nude, erotic, or sexually suggestive manner including exaggerated private parts … DELETED!
  • Same goes for the attempts to “age up” the characters depicting as 18+ performing the same manner. DELETED!
  • Remember when DeviantArt doesn’t allow raffles, contests, and random giveaways as points or other forms of currency as prizes as my studio is not a casino? DELETED!
  • Or a “deviation” that contains hate art and/or hate speech — that of which many US and non-US sites that do not allow these kind of shindigs? DELETED!
  • A “deviation” that contains personal attacks … a personal attack that defames or shames another person or company, for Pete’s sake (Tentomon much?) … DELETED!
  • And what about copyrighted content on DeviantArt by posting official artwork that is owned by the respective copyright holders, including recolors and art theft that is traced over or not (as fanart are made by 100% of their efforts which falls under Fair Use as they don’t get removed)? … oh, also DELETED!

And you wonder why your stuff gets removed from DeviantArt before you get a permanent banning, forcing you to use DeviantArt alternatives, including the use of alternate accounts to perform ban evasions?

Here’s the thing, DeviantArt: The world is an unpleasant place. Bad things happen. People do bad things. Many artists want to get noticed on Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, Patreon, Squarespace, Behance, Ello, Pixiv, and Instagram rather than DeviantArt.

As a comic artist, graphic designer, and freelancer, it’s my job to draw and design stuff for you and tell you why I don’t draw anything inappropriate. It’s not my job to pretend the world is perfect and rosy because they think they prefer DeviantArt and they think “I prefer DeviantArt more than Tumblr because Tumblr is full of SJWs who threaten and harass people on the internet” because I am definitely not an SJW. I don’t live in a basement and I am not a troll and everybody on the internet and in real life will know that.

You know what, DeviantArt? We’re not going to sell your lies. We don’t have the time to listen to your bullshit. But there are certain things that DeviantArt doesn’t want you to submit … the things DeviantArt won’t allow.

An email to the DeviantArt staff who needs to man up.

This is an excerpt when the DeviantArt staff removes his/her ability to report moderation violations:

A member of DeviantArt staff has removed your ability to report moderation violations. This removal expires on YYYY-MM-DD (or it will not expire).
The administrator also added the following comment: (That shindig goes here)

What about this one?

A member of DeviantArt staff has removed your ability to submit Premium Content (or purchase from our site) due to violations of DeviantArt policy.
The administrator also added the following comment: (That shindig also goes here)

This SUCKS. A lot.

I know that many would say “DeviantArt is dying” as around hundreds of users who haven’t used DeviantArt (forever, or in a while) would post their journal as “I don’t frequent DeviantArt anymore” or “I don’t have time to use DeviantArt anymore” following the reasons why the site has been poorly maintained. And most importantly, I don’t think anyone actually reads the DeviantArt policies and its ToS anymore before clicking their fupping “Deactivate account” button.

And to everyone who reads this, thanks for reading. If DeviantArt doesn’t fix itself, you’ll be the first to know.