Figure Drawings vs. Modesty

Lately, I’m concerned about people posting figure drawings of nude models on the internet and also figure drawings of nude models. The internet nowadays are very strict about figure drawings of nude models (Warning: NSFW when clicking on the Wikipedia links).

As an artist, the reasons why I don’t draw or photograph anything inappropriate is that I want to have modesty. I often add bike shorts if a female character is wearing a skirt like this for example and sports bra on a female character. Behance has this policy about posting adult content–see “How do I know if my content is adult?”. For example, if you post a figure drawing of a nude model, that needs to go behind the “Adult Wall”.

Supposedly you post a figure drawing of a nude model on your blog (Tumblr, WordPress, and Blogger for examples, either self-hosted or not). The blog you own possibly needs to be flagged as Adult Content (NSFW). Medium does not allow pornography of any kind. Squarespace is also very strict about pornography–see their Terms of Service agreement. Pixiv also has this policy about nudity (see “Prohibited Works” and “Age Restricted Works”). Instagram has this policy about nudity, too.

In the end, I would recommend put “CENSORED” or plot down black rectangles if your figure drawings have nude models if you want to post these on the internet. This is why I want to have modesty. Just let them draw what they want to draw. I want to have my art style be SFW (safe for work), I’m not going to draw a character with huge private parts or something like that. If you’re concerned about why you don’t draw anything inappropriate, please reach out to your art instructor.