The Nintendo Switch (and the New 3DS) can save your relationship

Are you ready for the new ride of your life?

Nintendo Switch

Following the shut down of the original Video Gaming World and the Virtual World because of the following reasons, including the fate of the video game consoles:

  • Requirement to use behavior modification (which will cause all their video game times to be significantly reduced between one and three hours so they won’t become so hooked, and will also cause them to lose all their hot-headedness).
  • Requirement to learn the responsibilities of (and acting like an) teen/adult in order to permanently eliminate disability services (which are designed to ruin peoples’ lives and [massively] harm the video game community) and have our lives restored; these also meant all childishness and violence will be permanently ceased, the permanent end of binge gaming, and the removal/uninstallation of Steam, Nexon, and Minecraft on their computers.

This means the following: Game no longer in progress as a result.

Fate of the video game consoles (except the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One)

Nintendo Wii

Currently still standing. All five channels were discontinued in mid-2013 and the Wi-Fi Connection has been discontinued in mid-2014; it is announced that the Wii (including the games) will be sold to eBay following the discontinuation of the console’s features to make room for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Wii U

Discontinued on the end of January 2017 after it suffered a commercial failure, including loss of third-party support, weak lineup of launch titles, and clunky controls. The Wii U was sold prior to the console’s discontinuation.

Sony PlayStation 2

Currently still standing after it was discontinued in late 2012-early 2013. There will be reports that the PlayStation 2 (including the games) will be sold to eBay to make room for Nintendo Switch.

Sony PlayStation 3

Suffered a YLOD after it was borrowed for a few months between 2010 and 2011. Fate is currently unknown.

Sega Dreamcast

Currently still standing on the property after it was bought on eBay. Fate is currently unknown.

Having the Switch and the new 3DS XL in my possession after purchasing them would start resurrecting the video game community (but minus Sony, Microsoft, and rated-M games) after my previous 3DS XL broke as I saw the Circle Pad breaking off a year and a half ago and saw a crack on the right hinge and later fell on the bed — and it broke.

The Sims 4 would also be in my possession, too — but with an iMac

Image is the property of Electronic Arts

Instead of buying another PC since I don’t have a Steam account (and definitely will not create a Steam account because its fanbase is full of unemployed, obese shut-ins who have World of Warcraft or some other MMORPGs in their possession), I’m getting an iMac to replace my five year old laptop since I have a Sims-related blog. The Sims 4 and SimCity 2013 both work on both Windows and Macintosh. I’m not sure if I can carry OpenTTD with me as I already replaced the RollerCoaster Tycoon games (and other RCT-related games) with OpenTTD. I do have tribute videos for RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 and RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, including the screenshots I’ve taken for the video games I’ve used to play.

Goodbye, Windows (and custom PCs)

There are certain things that PCs often have: expiration dates for both mainstream and extended support, BSODs when your computer stops working, viruses and trojan horses that PCs require an anti-virus program, most of which are subscription-based. There are also apps that PCs do not offer, and do not use Retina displays.

Samurai Fox Studio is only one person

…which is me. I hope you enjoy opening a new book since I have to be very serious about freelancing so I can eliminate the need of finding jobs and disability services as I have a Patreon page so you can support my art, design, and comics!