Why am I ditching about.me

They just changed the layout and the interface

I’ll tell you why I’m ditching about.me. Here are the reasons:

  • They want (or the site wants to) to give you your physical location. New York metropolitan area is actually a real location, other real locations are the San Francisco Bay Area and Greater Tokyo Area, and you will get the message reading Start typing your location and choose the closest match, as they cannot accept the above as they are real locations.
  • They stopped choosing fonts for their site, including the removal of many features that were used on the site, such as profile photos and quotes.
  • You can only choose five colors and three designs on the site.

The reason is that about.me has changed almost everything in the site and wanted its users to give out their physical location. Some people want their metropolitan area instead of their physical location, as they do not wish to reveal their physical location as they can be tracked for ANY reason unless they move out. I’ve been on about.me for five years.

Hello, Flavors.me

Flavors.me is the best choice for former about.me users, the drawbacks are you can only have five social links, and you will have to pay $20 USD a year, which currently requires a PayPal account.

Flavors.me has lots of customizations, including changing the fonts and colors to your liking! It also has many features for premium users. In the end, Flavors.me is the best choice.

Update — 2017/07/05: Flavors.me has been shut down.