Why I’m not upgrading to Windows 10

And why I am upgrading to a Mac rather than purchasing another PC

Many people often say these these things like “Macs are expensive!” and “I’m not paying that much to buy a Mac!” or something like that. The reason? PCs often crash a lot, when you get a BSOD (below) when your computer fails to start.

PCs are cheaper, but are a poor excuse and they often crash. (Photo credit)

I’m not going for a custom-built PC, I’m not a PC gamer, and I don’t have Steam or Nexon accounts (and you need to stay very far away from them). Remove your World of Warcraft from your computer, and stay very far away from it.

First off I had a Windows 98, then an ME, then an XP, a Vista, and now a Windows 7. I skipped Windows 8. But now, I’m getting a Mac. I had my PC crashed a few times before, as I would often get the BSOD. Also, I’m not getting a Linux (as it’s also a poor excuse).

On Mac, updating is not a nightmare, and you don’t need an antivirus software (on PCs, you will have to update regularly and have an antivirus software — as it’s a nightmare like the PS3/Xbox 360 game Lollipop Chainsaw or Capcom’s own Resident Evil series). Plus, all these poor-ass trolls and all of these people who are the 99 percent who look up at the screen and, yeah, they have nothing to do but just look at the PC screen and all of that.

If you have any commercial fonts you’ve purchased from MyFonts.com, you can go into your MyFonts account and redownload the purchased fonts in case of a new computer purchase or in an event of a computer crash. Remember to read the licenses (only applies to pay fonts, since Long Hachimaki no longer accepts free fonts).

Escape from Windows and Linux! (Photo credit)

Do yourself a favor — get a Mac (and save a lot of money for it), get away from custom-built PCs and PC gaming. And if you have Steam, Nexon, or WoW on your computer, abandon them and uninstall them immediately (but you have the option to delete your Nexon account).