When Authenticity met Social Media…

Is it possible to stay in the moment while sharing it?

Currently, most social apps have a variety of functions that encourage creating a version of yourself that doesn’t necessarily resemble reality. We’ve been more concerned about altering the captured moment than sharing it.

There is a group of video sharing apps that made their way to the online battlefield. Apps you might have heard about are Meerkat, Periscope, Snapchat and TapTalk. The most recent player is called Beme and collectively they might just change the way we will use social media.

Beme’s logo could’ve been a lot sexier though
“Pfff, not another one…”

Now, before you go and dismiss this app as yet another one, let me tell you how it works and why it is so different from the rest.

The app differentiates itself by using a new way of recording videos. Beme found a way for users to record a video while keeping eye contact with the subject, thus staying in the moment. This is facilitated by the proximity sensor next to the front facing camera. When the sensor is covered, Beme starts recording automatically for four seconds.

Old versus new (stills taken from Casey Neistat’s vlog)

After it stops recording there is no possibility to review or edit anything. The video will be automatically uploaded and out there for everyone to see. This way the user can continue enjoying life outside the digital ecosystem.

Once the video is uploaded the followers will see the user’s name appear on top of their list on the app’s home screen. The video will stay there for a few days, but will disappear once they are viewed. Users can view videos by holding down their finger on the name.

“No likes, no hearts, no shares, just real-life reactions.”

Finally, Beme does not give its user the possibility to like, heart or share, but it supports real-life reactions. When you move your finger while watching a video, you can leave a reaction by tapping your own face. This function really strengthens the connection between the user and its followers.

How to react (stills taken from Casey Neistat’s vlog)

The app only launched a few days ago, making it very young, but it has great potential. The app still feels like a prototype, mostly because it has some bugs when it comes to uploading and loading videos. Nonetheless, Beme has found a different way for social media to be used. Hopefully, this will pave the way for apps to take inspiration from the way we communicate in real life.

Samy Andary is an Industrial Design and Engineering Graduate Student. As a co founder of an eco-social fashion brand he discovered his passion for creating something that matters.