Who Should Have Won The Election? Clinton Or Trump?

As you know the 2016 Election of the USA has led to many protests, fights and other tragedies.

Technically many people voted for Hillary because Trump was incredibly rude and racist. What I think matters is what, they will do for America.

In Donald Trump’s words here are some things he said he will do for USA.

“I will build a wall around Mexico that they will pay for”
“Ban Muslims! We don’t want Terrorists!”

Being a Muslim myself, this is very offending supposed to saying that all Muslims are terrorists. Technically speaking, those who kill another are not considered Muslim in Islam.

Still, very stubborn people continue to deny this and keep hating on us. Such as Trump.

Now obviously, this affects people’s lives because preventing people from visiting families. I myself, have family living in America, so it may affect me too.

People in Mexico also would want to visit their families too wouldn’t they?

The main thing is, will Trump do these things?

Or is it just for publicity?

What About Clinton?

Hillary Clinton planned on starting a war with Russia.

Obviously, that’s no good either, and I’m just stating the obvious. Who knows what else Clinton and Trump wished they could do.

Or, for Trump, what he could do…

According to Trump, Clinton reportedly deleted, an outstanding quantity of Emails, estimated at 30,000!

Also, he said they were related to politics, not just random stuff.

Who do you think should have won?