40 Lessons at 40! (#3 and #4)

I recently turned 40 years old and I’ve decided to publish 40 lessons I’ve learned during this milestone year.

I’m holding my nephew while my father holds another

I’ve watched my father’s relationship with my 14 month old nephew blossom like nothing I’ve ever seen.

They are inseparable.

My father is my hero. If I get to be half the man he is, my life will have been well lived. Someday, not soon I hope, he will move on to the next life and his memory will be carried on by his family. His 14 month old grandson will tell stories about him he hasn’t heard yet. My grandkids will also tell stories of my life that they have yet to hear or even comprehend.

My granddaughter at a Patriotic Extravaganza

In the meantime, it’s so important that we enjoy each other and cherish the moments we have together. It’s tough to enjoy each other if we don’t make time for each other so make time for those closest to you.

I have some battle buddies I served overseas with that I need to make time to see and visit.

Are there folks you wish you could spend a little more time with?

Lesson #3: Cling on to your family/friends with all your might.

I finished a series on Netflix about the life of Celia Cruz. I only knew of her because of my parents taste in music, specifically Salsa, and she was the Queen of Salsa. She had to be the most humble world renowned singer ever.

Society isn’t known for having famous singers, actors, and other well-known personalities being humble.

Yet she was.

She was so humble that it drove her detractors mad.

Getting old is humbling both physically and mentally. Don’t wait to get old to be humble.

Lesson #4: Learn humility, then do everything you can to be humble.

It won’t kill you. No seriously, it won’t. It may feel like it at times but snap out of it.

You’ll thank yourself later.

More lessons to follow soon! In the meantime check out my twitter @SanchezMoses or visit my website www.mosessanchez.com

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