UPDATE: What Happens When Happy Warriors Get Angry?

My opponent legally challenged 574 of my signatures. I turned in 1431 and needed 1000 to get on the ballot. He paid a fee of $319 (not including attorney fees) and challenged them claiming these individuals weren’t registered to vote in Arizona.

Now when these challenges occur, some candidates hire an elections attorney and they go for about $5000.

Some candidates just withdraw and call it a day.

My court date is September 1 and the process is as follows: the recorder’s office counts the challenged signatures three times and reports their findings to the parties and the judge on September 1st.

I was informed on Thursday afternoon that the 574 signatures were checked by the recorders office and 217 came back invalid. That’s 38 percent and my opponent needs about 90 percent to be invalid.

The second count took place today, Friday, and there was a change in my favor. 204 came back invalid.

The third count started and ended the same as the second which gives me 1227 VALID signatures or +227 of the 1000 I needed.

Now I promised my donors that every dime they donated was going to signs, mailers, social media, and marketing so I’m NOT hiring an attorney and I plan on representing myself in court.

My opponent, a high powered attorney named D. Kavanaugh, will not intimidate me. He will not scare me out of this race. He tried to disrupt the democratic process and usurp the will of the people but I will fight on September 1, 2016 in court and I will keep fighting until election day November 8, 2016.

This is how big bucks and dark money squeeze good people out of politics.

(Did I mention this is an UNPAID position?)

Not me Sir. I have fought terrorists in Afghanistan eye to eye and now D. Kavanaugh has made a Happy Warrior Angry.

And what happens when Happy Warriors get angry? You’re about to find out.