Are You Job?

To set the record, when I say Job, I am referring to the Bible character Job. Having just read this book on the Bible (again for like the 10th time!) I felt compelled to write about how many of us maybe in a very similar walk as Job once was. What I mean is, as a salesman that actually cares about people, I have been talking to many people and when I look at quite a few people I know personally, compiled with these others I have met, I see people in some very bad situations. Very Job-esque situations. Now for those who are unfamiliar with this book (admittedly the book isn’t talked about much). Job was an extremely faithful, wealthy, and just in general successful person, having 10 children and many livestock. Then one day God, after some persuasion, lifted some of Job’s protective boundaries. This is where everything went awry, first losing all his livestock, then his children in rapid succession… Then when you think it’s over (just like every action movie!) a second strike, though this time a Job himself, breaking out with boils, rashes, etc. all over his body.

Luckily for Job, when at his all time low, three inadequate, but said to be the smartest and most righteous (aside from Job), friends show up to offer some lack-luster, and (in my opinion) completely incoherent “advice” or “explanations” as to why this was all happening to Job. Though he being prideful and classically arrogant, continually dispelled his friends arguments. This continued for quite some time all the while Job was falling further into his pit of self-pity (still pride it’s self really!). All until a so far silent guy, named Elihu, decides to speak up and tries to convict Job of arrogance, pride, and saying rhetoric like “who are you to question God’s ways?” while Elihu, being the most coherent of the group, still fails in his attempt to make sense of the matter.

So I pause the story here, because this is the most important part, why did God remove those protective barriers? Some may say He was talked into doing so, and I am sure you can also find other reasons, but the most important was that God wanted Job to draw closer to Him, and while we don’t have the full story, there were likely roads Job was thinking about going down that God needed him to stay away from. It was also a showing that Job would not forsake God, and even when all hope was gone, he would hopefully draw closer to God. This was also an object lesson for the readers in two aspects, one, when calamity strikes, never turn first to other people to get help, because as the book showed even the most bright men all made folly. The second part is to stop and take much time to listen to the Lord, if you continue on reading you would see that God Himself has to actually talk to Job because he just wasn’t understanding this concept, but had Job at an earlier time, stopped to listen to God his situation would have likely improved at a far faster rate.

So as I spoiled, God comes down, but first has to challenge Jobs remarks of bold arrogance, but once Job finally stops and listens to the Lord, he immediately acknowledges his mistakes and in classic form earnestly seeks repentance, sets his friends right with God and is restored to his wealth, health, and happiness.

Now for the clear tips, because as I see just about everyone I know has or will go through these Job-esque parts of life, but we don’t have to act like Job. The first part you need to do is turn to God and the Bible, our natural instinct is to go to other people, but every human is flawed so the advice they give will never be good enough. Lastly, we need to realize that we, much like Job, are getting directed by God in the direction He needs us to be in, and speaking from personal and non-personal experence, God never puts us in situations we can’t handle. Though He will use disasters (both financially and physically) to get your attention and or help you gain the ability to lean on Him and understand that He is the one that gives out these blessings!

Thanks for reading, this one has gone off the beaten path, but if you are smart, you can learn to apply Job’s walk with the Lord in a dark time, to business, bracelets, and everything in between! Here’s my newsletter too!

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