What Makes Sanctified Paracord Better?

Why should you choose to be Sanctified? Well when I started my business I wanted to do two things. One I wanted to put many of my core values into the business as I could. Secondly, I wanted to find an industry to completely revolutionize, do everything differently, better, and energize this industry!

I want to address this second piece first, because many people don’t fully understand why SWC is any better than the guy down the street that makes bracelets, and probably for less. The difference is I treat SWC like a real business not a side gig, which means before and after you buy or receive one of our bracelets, lanyards, or keychains you get full customer service. You also get accountability, full lifetime replacement or repair on any of our products, and 7 days to return our bracelets if they don’t fit. The last major piece is like with many other businesses we are big into brand, so when you wear SWC it’s not just another paracord bracelet, keychain, or lanyard, you are a part of our connected Sanctified Family and we connect all of you through our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

From The YouTube Survival Series!

Now that you guys have a better understanding of how we are revolutionizing the world of paracord life, now it’s time for you to learn about what our core beliefs are. These passions are, one, to inspire people to do something truly great in their personal lives. Two, create a product that tells a very real story, and finally design a piece of gear, which is as rugged as the person wearing it, but yet artistic enough not to be another dull and boring item. So this is the basis of SWC, and as I mentioned these bracelets are supposed to be artistically tough reminder to live a “sanctified” life, a life that is set aside to do something great. Then one day I decided I wanted to address something that was overlooked often in the para-cord community, uniqueness. So as an addition to SWC I added the “Test Lab” where you will find many rare weaves not available to the public until now. The primary reason, was to create the largest emporium of unique and stylish weaves that are not only available, but affordable, so you can get a taste of our awesome build quality and stand out in a world filled with dull, and uniform “survival bracelets”. I sincerely hope you will choose to help Sanctified Weaving Company on our journey to making not just the bracelet and fashion, but the entire world a more sanctified place! Psalms 20!

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