Why Did I Start SWC?

Why Sanctified? When I was thinking of awesome ideas for a company, I wanted to bring together all of my passions. Though everything wouldn’t fit, I managed to put the best into what I like the call Sanctified Weaving Company, or SWC. These passions are, one, to inspire people to do something truly great in their personal lives, two, be philanthropic, three, create a product that tells a very real story, and finally design a piece of gear, which is as rugged as the person wearing it, but yet artistic enough not to be another dull and boring item. So this is the basis of SWC, and as I mentioned these bracelets are supposed to be a artistically tough reminder to live a “sanctified” life, a life that is set aside to do something great. Now I also mentioned philanthropy, and while I am going to use the profits from the first batch to pay off the start up costs. Once the company is up and running, every one to two months I will make new editions of the bracelets, which 10% of each sale will be donated to their corresponding charities. Then one day I decided I wanted to address something that was over looked often in the para-cord community, uniqueness.

So as an addition to SWC I added the “Test Lab” where you will find many rare weaves not available to the public until now. The primary reason, was to create the largest emporium of unique and stylish weaves that are not only available, but affordable, so you can get a taste of our awesome build quality and stand out in a world filled with dull, and uniform “survival bracelets”. I sincerely hope you will choose to help Sanctified Weaving Company on our journey to making not just the bracelet and fashion, but the entire world a more sanctified place! Psalms 20!

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