How Google And Apple Enable Saudi Arabia’s Male Guardianship Policy

The Absher app has sinister features to prevent women fleeing

Remember when Google fired James Damore for the supposedly sexist memo he sent? Boy, do I have a story for you!

Android and iPhone users in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can freely access an application with some sinister features. Should any woman try to the leave the Kingdom, their male guardian is immediately notified — via text message — what airport they are at and where they are going.

This effectively makes Google and Apple willing enablers of the most sexist and misogynistic regime in the world. Today we call upon both companies to disable these sinister features on the app or to prohibit this type of app altogether.

We also call upon Google Play and Apple App store users to report these apps for inappropriate content. These features allow male guardianship in KSA to continue unchallenged and we demand more from supposedly progressive tech companies.

Absher on Google Play
Absher on the Apple store

07FEB2019 — Update: SFS has contacted the Google and Apple for comment on the Absher app.

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