SandBox Logistics’ Last Mile Delivery Solution

Acquired by U.S. Silica Holdings Inc. in late 2016, SandBox Logistics is the leading alternative to pneumatic proppant delivery. SandBox Logistics provides a groundbreaking last mile delivery solution in the delivery of proppant to well sites. The solution uses containerized sandboxes that hold 22.5 tons of sand.

As sand is completely enclosed in the giant sandbox container, there in no water contamination, helping to preserve the quality of the sand and reduce air pollution. Sand is loaded from railcars to the SandBoxes which are stackable, requiring less space and less development in the loading and storage location.

These SandBoxes are then loaded on lightweight-chassis trailers. Upon reaching the well site, the SandBoxes are forklifted onto a SandBox Cradle that can handle up to four SandBoxes containers. The sand (proppant) is then directly discharged to the blender via a belt-driven conveyor. All this equipment is proprietary, with 24 patents granted and 49 patents pending.

This last mile solution cuts the average truck delivery time from 7 hours in the pneumatics approach to 3.6 hours using SandBox Logistics’ solution. This means there is a drastic drop in waiting time at the well site and a marked drop in unloading time. SandBox Logistics aims to further lower the average truck delivery time to 1.7 hours in the near future with additional innovations.

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