Viral memetic Infection

Virus of the mind as it is famously known as in the medical world is a serious threat to human society,in fact it is the cause of all threats in the society is a disease caused in the brain.It is impelled by some deep, inner conviction that something is true, or right, or virtuous: a conviction that doesn’t seem to owe anything evidence or reason, but which, nevertheless, the believer feels as totally compelling and convincing.

It is also referred as the cult attitude where one person manipulates other with an intention of destroying something or someone,religion is the main cause for this and it is the face of VMI but I am not going to talk about the causes and effects through religion,lot of research and observation has been done in this area and cure for this has been in the process.

Thing which I am more concerned and close to me is the ignorance of parents about VMI in the middle class and upper middle class society where young adults and children are affected by VIM is not talked about, its not because they are ignoring the topic but they are completely unaware of it.In a society where people feel that its a sin to go to mental health centre or meet a psychiatrist apart from certain issues like OCD , drug abuse and insomnia people ignore other thing and in the age of facebook, tinder and watsapp where youngsters are exposed to many thing both positive and negative aspects of life makes the more vulnerable to acts of violence and mental assault. They can easily go under depression and look at the world in different perspective and assume thing which has nothing to do with reality.

Once the child acts in a devastating manner parents think that it is because of the age and hormones factor and they let them lose and once it goes overboard they can’t handle the pressure and start cursing their friends and society. After some point of time they feel and it is true that the kid has crossed beyond the limits and it is impossible for a normal parent to handle or raise the kid.The kid turns out to be a social evil and the society starts looking at the kid as a useless citizen and dangerous.

This sense of disparity makes him evil.The VIM is now in complete control and manipulate the brain.certain degree of medication and treatment can cure the person affected by the virus.

Neurologists,psychologists and NGO’s should take initiative regarding this issue and make India and the world a peaceful place.

As we know that the social issues has to be pulled out from the root and the root cause for all the evil and violence in the society is VIM so join hands and spread the word.

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