Can we stand by these pledged flag bearers

As a Twitter enthusiast, I always seek with curiosity as to what do mainstream politicians from Kashmir tweet about. And, I saw this tweet by a dynamic leader of the PDP (the ruling party in the state of J&K).

Now, I called Waheed Ur Rehman dynamic politician because whenever I follow his tweets, he is at some place of action, be it addressing school kids or being part of any civil society related issues. The tweet above shows hope and gratitude towards India for creating the space for education and totally rubbishes the role of Pakistan. However, there is callousness on the part of the Central Government to engage the people of the state in a meaningful dialogue. Irrespective of that disengagement, this young politician is praising India, which means that at least for such flag-bearers of the idea of India, the better will should prevail and some out of the box ideas should emerge! There are Kashmiris who work for police, risking their lives many a times and then we have such mainstream politicians who still have hope, unlike those who have picked up gun and become insurgents. At least for this man and many others, a new beginning should happen, or else we would be lost in the spiral of the narrative of “atoot ang” and “kadi ninda”

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