10 different ways to burn daddy’s cash

Just to show people that you have a better purpose in life than others

Sandeep Kannirasan
Mar 24 · 2 min read
Expensive Garbage
  1. Travel the world
    Go on a world tour just to click some random pictures and hashtag wanderlust, explorer, born to fly etc. In your Insta and snap which serves no ethical purpose.

2. Being a foodie
Going to ultra expensive restaurants who destroy the very identity of the food they serve and hashtag food-porn in your social media just to annoy the lesser souls.

3. Becoming a fitness freak
Going to some random gyms to get trained some gay trainers who serve as “Role Model” but manage to have a crappy proportion and you somehow decide that it is the physique you too desire who in turn decide to rip you off with fake proteins and steroids. Hashtag workout day, burning fat, fitterthanever, donotstop

4. Becoming a volunteer for social cause
Just to be another irritant to the society who think that their contribution to random causes can save the planet and people. You can find them ending up as a group of illogical feminists or running for some cause which they don’t care. All that they are worried about is how they look in front of camera when they sweat.

5. Becoming an Adventure sports enthusiast.
Improving survival instincts by turning into an adventurer and posting death defying photos from places which is clean and pure because there is no human intervention.Then there is a group of people who follow this “leader” and manage to explore these places, crap in every crevice they could find, litter them by throwing all garbage they could collect else where just to ensure some species enters the endangered list.

6. Startup porn
Making ideas when you are high on drugs and decide that it would change the world forever. Hashtag this is the future, future is now,

7. Auto freaks
People deciding that they should buy ludicrously powerful vehicles which make more noise than they actually are worth (mouse in a lion suit) and ruin the lives of others

8. Becoming a model/actor/personal blogger

9.Become a Vegan
Who discovered the gluten and decided that it is bad and it should be banned. #Ban something that nobody is bothered about.

10. Socialites
More like termites for the society. They land up at random DJ parties just to pose with expensive Alcohol and make others feel that only they have a rock and Roll life.In reality all they have is lame conversation about things only another lame friend of theirs is bothered about.

Article is an observation of the society by Honest souls who like to call themselves by the name
- Sandeep Kannirasan
- Raghavendira BM