Voice of the lost beauty.

Humanity / Human race have grown evolved to a certain point where they can live in a castle built in selfs mind and live with comfort, with lil / none idea of this abstract reality.

Vinod writes,

Its been three odd years, her presence has never left the castle of my mind which reflects the way she used to care and love for which has engaged her in me for every day life.

Gradually (Eventually), she thinks the voice would diminish & disappear as time flows downhill of life, for which since the time we departed she has taken herself out of social circle. Away from all the network which i can reach to her, leaving some proofs of reality to know she is real but not my minds voice.

My mind has reached a state of stillness from roaring shore since then, these days i wonder if i can fall in love / am i still in love with you, or may be i in love with your honest and selfless pure love and care, or the way you used to clip those hair, or the way you got the cute angry face, or the way you used to peep from front of bus to look at me, or with the time spent together at park bench looking at those pigeons, or a trillion moments that we spent in a single second.

Today its unusual that i remember your smooth and silky hand more than the cute laugh of yours. I used to dream of the day i would get a chance to put the wedding ring, which i did with your finger ring for many times. Which also makes me wonder that you might be someone else’s part of life, i’m happy that i had you in my life, same time i miss you (wish i could explain in words). Where ever you are stay happy, he who marry’s you is the luckiest person in the whole world.

Living in your left over love, care and Beauty.

love you — mis you gj :)