The big question: Innovation?

A derivation, a change, a formation all can hold good in the name and cost of Innovation. Serendipity also leads to innovative discoveries which originally started off as a planned project or research to find something relevant in theory. It could be even to disapprove a theory which powered certain engineering marvels over years.

One of the most amazing innovators tried to veil off certain trivial issues or modifications which would alter the the way the world experiences it after, as the likes of Uber, AirBNB etc. and the likes of SpaceX, Bloombox etc. The former just found few missing shims in that space and the latter brought in new ways to do something very efficiently. Both are revolutionary.

What about e-commerce players selling retail and wholesale from groceries to everything a modern human consumes, does innovation exist at those facilities? Yes it does. Even before Amazon started selling books Pizza Hut had been selling pepperoni pizza online. The inclusiveness in Amazon which forced innovation in packaging, shipping, customer service and so on. Above all it had the obsessive CEO who runs it. In e-commerce innovation will remain stagnant or driven by the needs to foster the business unless it kindles your imagination as to why a consumer needs to buy things from a (your) portal anymore when there are plenty of them. Discounts and coupons can lure consumers for only so long enough. This space so clogged and cluttered with the term “market place”. There is little to no innovation at the consumer end.

The technology innovators have overtime dissolved their vision and let go their passion for technology. The notion of innovation get stubbornly buried within the board rooms. Research labs and CoI/E are established to instigate, inspire young minds and excite stale brains. But they realize later they can’t take-off but just taxi between lanes.

An individual’s drive to create, share, co-create, merge, learn, unlearn, fail (yes you need a passion for failure as well, when you know you will fail but you are just very excited about what you will learn from it) becomes so involuntary that he is nuts at some point. The society can’t fathom out that person and his bleakness, in real he is super excited and full of energy.

The idea of innovation is not to innovate every time, but to ponder shunning complacency. It just reminds me of Steve,

..stay Hungry stay Foolish..


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