IBM InfoSphere DataStage takes data integration to any cloud

The IBM Institute for Business Value found that 85 percent of companies manage a multicloud environment. That means an overwhelming majority of businesses use a multicloud approach to enable greater flexibility and application modernization.

Some companies have found that while some clouds are a perfect fit to increase availability, performance, scalability or their budget, no single cloud can do it all seamlessly. As a result, IT teams utilize a variety of delivery models to fit internal and external needs — ranging from fully-run and managed on a local environment to a fully-hosted, third-party implementation.

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As technology leaders look to embrace modern approaches, I see information architectures becoming more dynamic. This applies not only to multicloud strategies, but also to the cornerstone solution that makes everything come together across multicloud: data integration. It is important to ensure that every cloud and every information architecture solution you incorporate can pulls its weight to maintain governance and performance standards across your organization.

IBM data integration leads with multicloud

To support the flexibility needed for modern multicloud architecture, IBM InfoSphere DataStage can now be deployed on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud environments via Docker containers.

These containers are fully integrated with native services. On Azure, for example, DataStage Dockers can be deployed to work with services such as the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). By enabling AKS to work side by side with DataStage, you can make the deployment and operations of Kubernetes more efficient and can help dynamically scale your application infrastructure. Similar native services support is available for AWS and Google Cloud.

IBM supports bring your own license (BYOL), so clients who have entitlement for DataStage can take advantage of this deployment integration on any cloud they choose. Benefits include:

  • Kubernetes and other core services are managed by the cloud provider
  • DataStage Docker-based deployment is fully integrated with native Cloud services
  • Build Once, Run Anywhere paradigm applies — move jobs designed in an on-premises environment to your cloud platform of choice without needing any code changes
  • Run jobs on any cloud platform to take advantage of data colocation and reduce processing costs
  • Easily scale computation up or down depending on needs and scheduled workloads — both horizontally and vertically

This new, DataStage Docker-based deployment makes it easy to maintain and manage the information lifecycle. It can help you establish a standardized process to consume software from multiple vendors. Additionally, DataStage Flow Designer provides machine learning capabilities which can be used to intuitively design and run Jobs on-premises or in your cloud platform of choice. It also offers a rich set of connectivity to both on-premise and cloud sources and targets, and supports powerful built-in transformations.



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