BJP’s Mission 50% plus takes a step forward
Shashi S. Vempati

Way to go — BJP ?

If you are using “plurality” as an euphemism for multi-religious character of the country — then it is not going to happen in a hurry. BJP definitely needs to enlarge its geographical spread and acceptability across regional ethnic denominations. The latter — IMO — is important due to the emergence of regional parties and growing sub-nationalism / regional chauvinism.

Otherwise — in our first past the finishing line system of franchise — BJP will be outmaneuvered as soon as forces align against it — as happened in Bihar and now in West Bengal — where even with 10% ++ VS it managed just 4 seats.

Further, as we have seen, most unlikely bed-fellows become sleeping partners driven by an instinct of self-preservation — just to stop BJP on the tracks.

For long term gains — BJP has to move beyond Amit Shah’s Chanakya style of leadership.

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