Much is being written about Narendra Modi’s last ditch campaigning in Varanasi over the weekend. Depending on whose side you are on – it is either a sign of nervousness or going for the kill.

No matter which way you chose to look at it – there is no denying that the stakes are high and he is giving it all.

A question may arise, if Narendra Modi had nurtured his constituency well would he still have to go on this over-drive. The answer could be if it was only for Varanasi – probably not. But, here he is using Varanasi as the high ground to spread his call all across Purvanchal (or Eastern Uttar Pradesh).

But, politics apart there are a few #leadership lessons to be learnt here.

  • Never Give-up;
  • Don’t be complacent;
  • Never underestimate your opponents (their age or experience)
  • If it is important, give it all you have;
  • There is no substitute for personal connect;
  • Be authentic (people will forgive your genuine mistakes);
  • Be with your people (and lead from the front) when they need you;
  • Have faith in yourself and a higher power;

It is unimportant whether Modi or BJP will win or lose. But, by coming to #Varanasi he has made a place in the hearts of the people – which will be enduring (unlike say an Arvind Kejriwal who disappeared after the Lok Sabha Polls or a Rahul Gandhi’s guest appearances).

Leadership is hard-work, it cannot be claimed as a matter of entitlement – irrespective of whether you are the Prime Minister of the country or the Prince charming.