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ALL creatures begin with a single cell; regardless their nature or species, be they plant, animal or virus (bacteria are animal and fungi are plant). So to claim that an human zygote is NOT s complete separate individual human is as inane as to claim that a peach seed isn’t a peach. ALL the necessary components for that specific human being are contained in that zygote; all the coding to insure the proper development, unless a gene or part of a gene is “broken” in some way by an extrinsic force such as radiation exposure, or disease, are already present the instant that zygote is formed. Some creatures remain single cells all their lives; others with more complex codes become much more complex creatures but each according to its unique genetic coding. It will not “become” some different species than the encoding of its parent organisms, whatever they were. Our amazing Creator designed it that way, so that each species could reproduce itself. A mother cat doesn’t expect to give birth to calves, any more than a mother cow does to lions’ cubs. They expect their offspring to be like themselves; they KNOW instinctively they are carrying the future generation of their own kind. HUMANS are the only fools who get that mixed up and it’s no wonder they can’t figure out gender/sex or anything else if they can’t comprehend that simple fact. A human woman is pregnant with a HUMAN baby; nothing else! It’s not a ‘tumor” or “clump of cells”, or some other meaningless gibberish; it’s an HUMAN INFANT, and that’s all it will ever be!

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