17,000 people need to be evacuated from Houston.
Son of Roy

@BlairGilmore: NOT all the residents of greater Houston did need to evacuate, but those who should have done didn’t, because of a mayor who either didn’t care, or didn’t understand the nature of that city’s geography and of major hurricanes. I’ve been through a few of those critters in my time; and you DON’T stay in an “ocean front swamp” during a cat 4–5 hurricane! End of discussion. You simply don’t. Those on higher and more substantial ground could probably shelter relatively in place in substantial structures, but those on the low, marshy ground should never have been told to stay there. Gov Abbott was right and that mayor was not.

BTW there are other ways to evacuate folks than POV; use buses, troop trucks, etc. And have National Guard units direct traffic; closing incoming lanes and using them all for outgoing traffic, etc. Move them to safer shelters within the city or in immediate outlying areas. But you don’t just LEAVE them to fend for themselves in a swamp in that kind of storm.

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