Pregnancy is considered a medical condition because so many things can happen while one is…
Johannie Kate

I said pregnancy is not a DISEASE; that’s significantly different than being a “medical condition”. And BC may prevent pregnancy, but only at a significant cost to the general health and welfare of the recipient.

You’re conflating hormone therapy for conditions like dysmenorrhea and/or menorrhagia, which are legitimate medical issues that require treatment; and which I have more than nodding acquaintance with myself, with BC, which is a DIFFERENT issue. The point is that paying for medical therapy is NOT the same as paying for someone else’s BAD choices and the consequences thereof. BC is NOT therapy and should be paid for by the USER only. HOWEVER, insurance should be reserved for the catastrophic and ALL routine care should be out of pocket for everyone! That way, no one is paying for another’s “care”, which is just plain wrong.