Create a Secret Identity for Yourself
Erika Sauter

I think most “spy work” is actually a lot less glamorous than a Jason Bourne or James Bond (my generation’s Jason Bourne). It’s a lot of time studying maps and photos from spy satellites, listening to taped conversations and translating them, more than dashing about the world killing people. These days, drones do the bulk of that part, piloted from Nevada. As for “stripping”, some of the establishments in seedier parts of cities I have visited seem to run 24/7, 365, so the hours might not be quite to your liking; and as an introvert, would you really want strange men (some of them are REALLY strange too) pawing you to put money in your G string? Just a thought.

Back to spying; the real deal might actually suit you quite well, because it is essentially puzzle solving, either to solve a bad situation or prevent one. Another area you might look for that is forensics.

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