SF Ali

I was one of the “first responders” for many years; who waded in to help people in crisis, whether 1 or several at a time. I’m very aware of what they do; but “applauding” Muslims for doing what EVERY DECENT human being SHOULD be doing at such a time is like rewarding the bad behavior too; no one should have to even think about doing what’s right, and helping those in such a situation is that. However, until and unless we HONESTLY talk about why such events keep occurring with devastating regularity around people who all follow the same ideology, and what that ideology is and expects of its followers, we will NEVER bring these events to an end. The fact is these are simply following the teachings and example of 1 long-dead man who claimed a status that was unwarranted, and has been elevated further in that status, to the point of absurdity. No other person who lived that kind of life would have been lauded as he has been, anywhere else in the world.

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