The only form of prosperity I have ever been around which I would call both genuine and sustainable…
Ron Collins

I will disagree with you somewhat on nursing; I went to an university program for a year; saw that the students in that program spent almost NO time at all “hands on” and WASTED a great deal of time on courses not at all related to nursing. I dropped out after that year and went to an hospital school of nursing; there I spent the same approximately 36 months I would have spent in the university, studying, but it was focused SOLELY on nursing; we spent most of our time “hands on” on wards with actual patients; and LEARNED our profession so that by the time we’d graduated, we could walk onto a ward and DO the job; we didn’t need another 6 or more months of training to do it. All we needed to learn was the specific procedures for paperwork, etc that hospital used. I took exactly the same state boards for nursing as the college grads. And I only needed 1 shot at them. I had learned not only theory, but practical application of the theory.

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