Hey Jody, let’s do this the proper way.

In view of the discussion below, I will say this: the Bible presents only 1 path to becoming a saint and it doesn’t require “canonization” by any human institution; EVERY person living under the saving grace of Jesus Christ’s shed blood is a saint: every OT person who looked forward to that event in faith is also a saint. That’s the ONLY requirement for “sainthood”, in God’s lexicon. Now, that said, I believe Him a lot faster than the Catholic church or any other man made dogma! Whether or not Theresa was saved, I can’t say; many people try to “earn” salvation by doing “good works” such as she performed; it doesn’t work, ever, but people keep right on trying. Since I never met her or conversed with her, I have no way to discern her actual status. But I do know, even if she is saved, she’s NO more a saint than any other saved Christian.