Well you know my theory.
Svetlana Voreskova

Interesting assessment. The missiles may have been real, but I doubt they would have been left in Cuban hands; I think Kruschev was also putting his own crews in to man them. I also believe, to this day, that no one pushed that button, NOT because of JFK, but because Kruschev had sense enough to NOT push it to that! JFK was heavily using steroids for his adrenal disease at that time in his life; and 1 side effect of steroid use is euphoria; believe me, I’ve experienced it, before that time even, and I really don’t believe he was capable of seeing the situation with rational clarity, or realizing fully the consequences of what he was doing, in that brinksmanship game. I was in HS when that took place, so young, but not too young to be aware, and we got tested in school on current events. I agree Guevara was indeed a loose cannon and dangerous; to Cuba, the USSR and America, all in 1 fell swoop. Had he got his hands on a single missile, you and I wouldn’t be discussing it.

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