I note that you like me are working for pedestrian safety.
Stephen C. Rose

Maybe not so much remiss as hogtied; the Johnson Amendment kept many pastors from speaking on any kind of social issues, however charged they are, and however wrong the directions being taken are. And that was the intent; to keep the Church silent, on issues. But the directions being taken now by DOJ as well as many others is just as wrong as the past choices. And we have a further problem of the churches all too often abandoning the Gospel of the Kingdom of God for a “social gospel” that serves no one in truth. It’s simply following the ways of the world, not standing against them, so not apt to stand against the way “justice” is going either.

In the past, like the late 19th century, there were Christian organizations that tried “rehabilitation” of prisoners and prisons, but most of those efforts failed, because they didn’t insist on repentance first. And as you and I are agreed, that really has to be the first step.

My home city is working on becoming a more “alternative transportation” minded city; we’re a fairly small city so we can work for that, still; I doubt it’d play well, in say a Los Angeles or Phoenix, where the city is sprawled over large areas, but we’re smaller and more compact.

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