The Real Reason You Can’t Understand Why Black Americans Are Furious
Clay Rivers

No one, since the ’60s has said black people AREN’T “people” except OTHER black people like Sharpton/Jackson, et al! The only people holding black people back are OTHER black people! You have been HANDED, on a PLATTER, every possible advantage; and are STILL WHINING about victimhood! White people get shot and killed by cops too, for doing the SAME STUPID things that get blacks killed by them; media doesn’t make a circus of it, because there’s no percentage in that! It doesn’t fit the “victim” narrative! Truth be told, on a global level, we WHITES are the true minority! NOT “ people of color” and in this nation we are TREATED LIKE we are the villains, when WE are the ones who fought, bled, and even DIED, to end slavery here (it still happens in Africa and Asia, BTW, between peoples of color); WE are the ones who insured you had a right to education, to vote, etc! NOT other peoples of color; they’re still enslaving each other! So GET OFF your “victim” poor pity us platform and BE GRATEFUL for the WHITE people in the US, who GAVE YOU all those things to enjoy!

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