Your title suggests that Martin Luther King was somehow coming around to a position of condoning…
Svetlana Voreskova

@Simone Lynch: Madam, you are projecting! It was “WHITE” people who fought, and sometimes died, to end slavery, in the UK and in the US alike; it was “WHITE” people who passed the laws prohibiting slavery, and insuring citizenship rights for black people; and it was “WHITE” people who passed the Civil Rights laws as well! You need to get off your “high horse” and stop labeling us all “racists” and learn to discern who really are your enemies! I WAS a young adult in the ’60s and vividly remember King, the marches, the desegregation battles and all. I had black classmates in school all my childhood and youth, and they weren’t hated by anyone unless they were simply obnoxious people! WHEN you grow up enough to understand that Svetlana was DEFENDING King, not using him to tear you or anyone else down, you MIGHT grasp that. As for “morals”; it’s NOT “WHITE” people tearing up their neighborhoods in temper fits, because they didn’t get their way, or because justice happened, and a black person was the victim of his own stupidity! Not even when a black cop accidentally shot a white kid outside a mini mart did we do so. We are mature and thoughtful enough to understand the kid had something that cop mistook, in a fraction of a second, for a weapon, and flashed it at him; that it was a MISTAKE, and one he will live with for the rest of his life. We don’t expect cops, who happen to also be HUMAN, to never make mistakes, and we do have the ability and willingness to judge an incident, without looking at “race” or “sex”, to see if the situation warrants further investigation or not! Something it appears you have yet to learn.

Just for the record, it was DEM/LEFTIST whites who held slaves, who formed the KKK, and who beat King, and other blacks during those marches and desegregation efforts. It was ALSO “WHITES” who stood up to protect black children going into formerly all white schools in southern states. There are whites and then there are whites; just like there are blacks and then there are blacks. PLEASE learn to tell the difference, before you go on your next tear!

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