Let’s Stop Spreading P.C. Lies About Muslims
Traditional Tradesman

Thank-you for bringing up a topic FEW will broach. Not all Americans are blinded by PC, many do realize the threat, and that number is growing daily, as the inconsistencies become too glaring to ignore. It’s absurd for media and our leaders to keep insisting Islam is a “religion of peace”, (it’s not truly a religion at all, but a political system that veils itself in a gauzy religiosity to hide behind the religious freedom laws of nations it seeks to invade by stealth and cultural jihad) when we keep seeing the overt evidence of its lack of peacefulness, even within those nations where it’s the dominant group, and against others claiming the same set of beliefs! How stupid do they believe we really are??? But this lie persists, as they import more and more into this nation and other western nations. And they’re doing so ILLEGALLY, at least in the US! Back in ’52, McCarran-Walter was passed and signed into law, at the time chiefly aimed at communism, but it never named a group, just a type of ideology: any that opposes and seeks to overthrow our Constitution and government, and prohibits immigration from nations or regions where such ideology is the primary ideology of that place. Sharia advocates exactly that; it refuses to recognize any other system of law and governance as valid, and seeks the overthrow of any and all that are not sharia. Oh, and lest the Dems commence their howling in protest, this law was signed in June of ’52, by TRUMAN, before Ike’s election, near the end of nearly 16 unbroken years of Dem rule over the US.

This is an issue that we must face and discuss; we can’t ignore it!

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