Five Questions of Creativity
Erika Sauter

Well, you were right about bipolar disorder! Stick to your guns. I may be unipolar but I do know about bipolars, and am acquainted pretty well with a number of people dealing with it, none of whom is dangerous. Not even in high manias. They’re a little nuts, but not dangerous, except maybe to their own bank accounts.

Mixing wine with hedge trimming, lawn mowing, etc, definitely not a good plan.

Going anywhere outdoors that you don’t have to go in 117 degree weather is a bad plan too, especially if you’re prone to heat injury of any kind (that includes prostration/stroke, and sunburn)! I’d knock that down to the upper 90s even, for such persons. IF you have to be out; take a hat, a large umbrella, and LOTS of water, as well as some salty food. The umbrella will provide some shaded area for respite. Being a redhead and desert dweller, for many years, I’ve learned some tricks.

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