Well Ron I usually admire your writing.
Svetlana Voreskova

Wow… just wow… Usually you’re so spot on, but you missed the mark here kind of badly. First; the discovery of penicillin was a total accident! Fleming had a sandwich in his lab that had gone to mold, while he was absorbed in other experiments, and it fell onto a petri dish of bacteria, killing them. AFTER that, he experimented purposefully on it and refined it to produce penicillin.

Next, humans have devolved BADLY, due to 1 specific incident which introduced sin into the world, the root of all illness and death. Humans were, in fact, originally created to be eternal, and it took many generations for the effects of sin on life to really be felt; people lived well into the multiple hundreds of years, until after the Flood, and the life spans fell off greatly then; until it got to where the average life expectancy was less than 40 years, after which man’s science has boosted it slowly back up through disease controls, mostly, and learning better ways to care for the bodies we have; but we have by NO means reached what we once were, nor shall we by our efforts which are artificial and not getting to the root causes. Even quantum physics is leading scientists toward Creationism, rather than away from it. There’s only 1 answer for the sin problem, and most people today reject it out of hand, believing themselves smarter than the God Who created them and the entirety of what we know as the universe.

Where do you think men like Pasteur, Newton, Benz, et al got their inspiration to make leaps in knowledge? From themselves? Hardly! Inspiration is Spirit wisdom literally “breathed in”, just as it was among the prophets of old, and it came from that same Spirit, whether they acknowledge Him or not. All human understanding has come about that same way.

Socialism appeals to the sin nature in all humans. That’s why so many fall for it. It’s sin, and sin’s author, at work in the human mind and soul. And until the sin nature is overcome and eliminated, it will continue to do so. The more God is pushed out, the greater the control of the sin nature of humanity. We were created to worship and all do; the question is who, or what, do they worship. Socialism is a religion in its own right.

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