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You seem to forget, or conveniently ignore, the fact that it was Islam that declared war, not just on us, but all humanity almost 1400 years ago, now, and on the US specifically before we were even a decade old, as a nation. They invaded Europe in the 700s; did they have that right? Europe wasn’t bombing them or invading their lands. A few pilgrims wanted to visit holy sites; but were kidnapped for ransom or outright killed; hardly an invasion force. The Crusades occurred in response to that some 350 years later or more; and the wars in Europe to expel them from Europe at that time as well, began.

American ships attempting to reach southern Europe were being pirated in the eastern Atlantic or northern Mediterranean, international waters in any case, cargoes seized and crews killed or held for ransom, with outrageous extortion demands for “safe passage” in those waters. After enough years of that, Jefferson sent the Marines to Tripoli after the Pasha responsible and they didn’t bother us again, ’til they began hijacking US owned and operated airliners in the early ’70s , again killing passengers and crew members and demanding extortion/ransom for the survivors and equipment.

SO… who attacked whom? And why do we owe them anything?