On the Road: Spain, New York, and Mountain View

Food coma in Madrid & Barcelona, returning to Mozilla HQ in MTV, and Stella derails our East Coast plans

Mozilla Developer Roadshow completes 11 events in our series!

I have included several links for better, detailed blog posts on tech topics mentioned. Read on as I share with you my travel failures, food coma, language barriers, and realizing that cancelled flights may actually be a good thing.

It was 5am at PDX. I had no coffee. And I was told that the first leg of my flight was cancelled. I dragged around my suitcase and a very heavy webVR kit going from counter to counter, and finally got a seat out to MAD at 9:30am. Every single DevRel person has been through a version of this experience, multiple times.

Thanks to Danielle Vincent for this rendition of globe trotting me and my purple case!

Well, I made it to Madrid. The team delivered one full day of talks and demos on web games and webV. Students and staff at the University created virtual landscapes with A-Painter and danced to A-Saturday Night. And we woke bright and early Saturday morning for the WebAssembly workshop with the MadridJS community.

Thank you Salva for putting together an amazing web games day!

We also connected with fellow Samsung DevRel advocate Diego González and coding artist, Ruth John, to nosh on some quality Spanish tapas and talk about VR gear and web audio.

Dan on stage, Fernando for A-Frame demos, Diego thinking about the web

Afterwards, we hopped on a train to Barcelona to be at the Smashing Conference work space for the evening! This was our first Roadshow segment where we debated on which language, English or Spanish, or both, to be spoken during presentations. And we learned a few things from our hits and misses:

  • Local language is always preferred by the live audience
  • But this may not be ideal for syndication if the sessions are recorded
  • And post production translation cost and time can add up
WebGamesDay livestreamed and recorded the sessions, here’s Belén explaining why webVR

And sometimes, a talk can be totally different depending on the selected spoken language!

TechSpeaker Yuli delivers her CSS talk in Spanish, but shows her slides in English

The team wrapped up our Spain series, and I was getting ready for my morning flight out to JFK for our NYC segment. Or, so I thought. Once again, my flight was cancelled (along with everyone else headed to the east coast!) due to Snowstorm Stella this time. So, I swapped plans to fly further west to San Francisco instead to join our MTV Roadshow with Lin Clark and Potch, and head home early to see my family.

Flights cancelled, so we ate pizza and connected with Barcelona’s AdaJS leaders

The good news is, everything worked out. Our NYC team was already on site for the upcoming CSS Grid workshop at NY Times with Jen Simmons, and Aurelia Moser delivered the Security and Privacy workshop for the Girl Develop It community the next evening at our Mozilla Foundation space.

Find out more about CSS Grid and Layout from Jen Simmons

And although I would have loved to be in NY, it was also a great opportunity to join our Roadshow crew at Mozilla’s Mountain View common space. Sometimes I get a little sad to be missing out, but Stella will do that.

Stellllaaaaaaa!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYA9hvcLekg

Oh, did I mention the deliciousness of Spanish tapas, again?

Tortilla without onions! Plate 0 meat! Blood pudding!

As expected, we had a pretty full house of diverse attendees curious to hear the WebAssembly talk — this time it was delivered in a very different style by Lin, through cartoons! And some probing questions followed afterwards that was fielded by some additional Mozillians in the audience, including Dan Gohman.

Potch kicks it off with our 2017 Tech Roadmap, and introduces Lin to the crowd

Here’s 5 things I’ve learned so far from the 11 events on the Road:

  • Roadshow attendees are busy listening and asking questions — it’s time to remove social media activity as a metric for the Roadshow.
  • We’re creating welcoming and inclusive events to attract diverse attendees.
  • Weather happens, so having checklists and templates to share with the team in case of flight cancellations is a must.
  • Taking some time to share a meal together and socialize can reveal better insight than from survey replies.
  • Being on the road, in person, to shake hands and say hello creates relationships that emails and video calls can never, ever replace.

And finally, having family waiting for you to come home is the best!

Warm love and thanks to my husband for supporting my insatiable desire to be on the road!

Just happen to be in Austin? Lin and Luke Wagner are in town March 21st, and will deliver another WebAssembly talk with the AustinJS community!

And we’re back in NY March 25th and Austin March 27th: