As president of Health Mate, Inc., in Southeast Michigan, Dr. Sandra Schiff wears many hats, working as a business development coach, corporate consultant, and career goal advisor, developing tailored roadmaps and curricula specific to each client needs. Along with her decades of experience and training, Dr. Sandra Schiff continues to serve clients according to the most up-to-date leadership principles by participating in a number of professional programs, including Peoplemap certification.

Understanding the complexities of interpersonal dynamics among employees is important for businesses of all sizes. The Peoplemap System was specifically designed to help individuals do so by training team members…

An experienced coach and trainer who provides her services to businesses and individuals alike, Dr. Sandra Schiff is an Authorized NOW WHAT?® Program Facilitator who functions as the president of Health Mate, Inc., in Southeast Michigan. Part of Dr. Sandra Schiff’s work involves helping people transition into a new career, which necessarily entails leaving the old one. To facilitate the latter, here are some tips on the proper way to leave your job.

1. Understand your rationale for leaving, both because this will instill you with confidence about your decision and because your employer will want to know. Comprehending your…

Health Mate, Inc., President Sandra Schiff is a multifaceted consultant and coach. In addition to her work with Health Mate, Sandra Schiff is active with the I Rise Family Empowerment program of the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit.

The YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit operates the I Rise Family Empowerment program in conjunction with the United Way. This program provides helpful services to working parents, empowering them to provide for their families.

I Rise works through three primary avenues. Personal coaching is key to the program’s success. …

Dr. Sandra Schiff is an authorized program facilitator of Now What?® Coaching, a 90-day course designed to help individuals achieve career clarity. In addition, Dr. Sandra Schiff is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

ICF seeks to improve the coaching profession by continuously implementing standards of practice among its members. The organization offers the only recognized credentialing program, ICF Credentials, to professional coaches. ICF also provides opportunities for continuing education.

On February 16–19, 2017, ICF will conduct “Excellent Coaching through Reflection — Gain Intensity and Empowerment of Your Skills,” a four-day event featuring interactive training on different reflection models, including the Symbolon-Method®. The training exercises will help equip participants with skills in powerful questioning and techniques in fostering transformation. Christine Kranz, the founder of Symbolon AG and developer of the Symbolon-Method®, will be conducting the training session.

Sandra Schiff is a skilled personal development coach and has been the president of Health Mate, Inc., since 1999. In addition to being a certified Peoplemap™ and Now What? facilitator, Sandra Schiff is a part-time professor in Wayne State University’s School of Social Work, one of the best in the United States.

Recently, a group of students from the school’s Coalition of Community Support Workers (CCSW) received national recognition for their work in helping foster children in Michigan improve the state’s foster care system. …

Sandra Schiff, Ph.D., serves as president of Health Mate, Inc. Through her company, she offers program and content development that support project management, consulting needs, and employee training. As a coach, Sandra Schiff is also a member of the International Coach Foundation.

Founded in 1995, the International Coach Foundation (ICF) started as a professional nonprofit organization where life and career coaches could network and support one another. There are now over 60 ICF chapters across the world, and the organization is the leading body in certifying new life and career coaches.

Every year, ICF holds a global convention providing coaches…

Dr. Sandra Schiff brings over 30 years of experience to her role as president of Health Mate, Inc., where she is responsible for program and content development. A member of the International Coaching Federation, Dr. Sandra Schiff has trained individuals and organizations for over 10 years. She also is a certified Care Transitions coach, a program directed by Eric A. Coleman, who was selected as a MacArthur Foundation Fellow in 2012.

The MacArthur Fellows Program recognizes individuals who have exhibited originality and dedication in their creative endeavors, along with a high level of self-direction. The three criteria considered during the…

Dr. Sandra Schiff is the president of Health Mate, Inc., a training and coaching service provider based in southeast Michigan. In addition to numerous professional coaching certifications, Dr. Sandra Schiff holds a PhD in organizational development from the Union Institute and a master of social work from Wayne State University, where she also serves as an adjunct faculty member.

Wayne State University’s School of Social Work stands out as one of the leading educational institutions in the field. Recently, the college received a $1.8 …

Dr. Sandra Schiff

Dr. Sandra Schiff has demonstrated both care for patients and a knowledge of the principles that guide organizational development.

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