Tips for Leaving Your Job Graciously

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An experienced coach and trainer who provides her services to businesses and individuals alike, Dr. Sandra Schiff is an Authorized NOW WHAT?® Program Facilitator who functions as the president of Health Mate, Inc., in Southeast Michigan. Part of Dr. Sandra Schiff’s work involves helping people transition into a new career, which necessarily entails leaving the old one. To facilitate the latter, here are some tips on the proper way to leave your job.

1. Understand your rationale for leaving, both because this will instill you with confidence about your decision and because your employer will want to know. Comprehending your rationale is particularly important relative to the latter, as good reasons will be understood by employers and ensure that you don’t leave on harsh terms that may make it difficult to secure a reference.

2. Plan when to announce your departure, and keep things discreet. Searching for a new job on company time is often grounds for termination, plus your current employer will appreciate you keeping your reasons for leaving confidential when the news becomes public.

3. Speak to people from whom you wish to secure references, and discuss with them the information that you would like the reference to contain. While the decision for what to include ultimately lies with the referrer, providing guidance on what would help you can result in pithier, more helpful references.

4. Respect the organization’s policy on handing in notices of departure, and offer to help train any potential replacements before you leave the organization.

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Dr. Sandra Schiff has demonstrated both care for patients and a knowledge of the principles that guide organizational development.

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